The first post

This is my third blog.  My first one was just about me; unfortunately, I’m not the type who has to share my opinion with the world more than once every few months, so that didn’t last long.  My next blog was devoted strictly to New Urbanism.  That one lasted a while and was fairly successful, being cited by PBS and the ASLA.  However, I feel that focusing just on New Urbanism limited the scope of topics that I could talk about, and I wanted to have more freedom in my posts.  Thus, Munson’s City was born.

Chances are, this blog will still have a heavy urban bend to it.  I am a planning student and have worked in planning, and I am most familiar and opinionated in that regard.  But I also hope to explore some of my own feelings about contemporary architecture so as to hone my own style and try to improve upon the works of others.  Also, I want to have a blog for occasional journaling and spouting off, so I retain the right to do so on this blog.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy yourself.


About Dave Munson
This blog is about architecture, cities, and myself.

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