I hate that I have to apologize again, but I had an extremely busy semester and did not devote enough time to this blog. If you want to see what I spent most of my time working on, please check out Boston Beyond the Car, which was put together by my colleague Barrett Lane. For now though, I just want to do a quick post about a relatively new tool from the Census Bureau, OnTheMap. This tool allows you to map job data, including where workers from a certain area live, where residents from a certain area work, how many people commute into or out of a given area, and much much more. For instance, in my continued interest in regional government, I wanted to see how many people are dependent on Pittsburgh for employment, so I mapped out which municipalities in the Pittsburgh area have more people commute to Pittsburgh than to any other municipality, which you can see here:

This is a really useful tool for any sort of planning, and I know that anyone could really use it to benefit their projects.


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2 Responses to OnTheMap

  1. how do i do this

    • Dave Munson says:

      Just click on the link above for OnTheMap, on the Start menu type in the government unit you are interested in, and when it comes up click on “Perform an analysis.”

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