NPR Cities Project

Ron Munson brought NPR‘s new Cities Project to my attention after listening to their debut broadcast on Monday on the way home from work. The project is an interesting amalgamation of sub-projects. Thus far, they have had a daily broadcast on All Things Considered about efforts going on in cities across the US. The first show detailed the “blank slate” that still exists in parts of New Orleans and how it is being filled, and today’s broadcast featured an excellent story on the redevelopment of Oakland and how a lack of state aid may or may not threaten that momentum. They also feature user-created content, where they ask you to send in sights and sounds from your city, and more off the wall stuff, such as a short story on how cities are basically great physics laboratories. But my favorite are the infographics, in particular this one:

Click for full size. From

I just thought that this infographic was really fun, and highlights the transportation connection to urbanity. Considering that Holly and I make virtually all of our trips by subway or foot, we are solidly in the city category, which accurately reflects the reality of where we live. According to the graphic, do you live in a city?


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