Innovative Green Urban Design

Vertical garden of Portland’s Federal Building. From

I usually shy from company blogs because of their shameless self-promotion, but if you don’t read the last paragraph of this post by Alissa Brown of Great Ecology, you’ll see some really innovative green urban design projects. These include the Beacon Edible Forest in Seattle, the vertical garden involved in the redevelopment of the Federal Building in Portland pictured above, and the large roof gardens found on the Solaire Building in Battery Park City, New York. Brown also points out that, as people continue to move to cities, we need to remember that people enjoy being near greenery, and as such, cities should work to develop their green infrastructure, which can also provide benefits when it comes to stormwater, urban heat island, and pollution.


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  1. EcoGrrl says:

    (this is a mockup photo of what it will look like, not what it currently looks like – the building is still under construction)

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