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Sankt Kjelds Square. From

This project for a neighborhood in Copenhagen by Tredje Natur is Landscape Urbanism done right; it creates usable green space and manages stormwater without breaking up the existing urban fabric. I also really like their plan images and diagrams (honestly not wild about their renderings; their really well done but quite dark, and I don’t think it gives the message that this is a new, fun green space to enjoy), so I’m going to be showing a lot of them.

The three squares. From

The plan mainly consists of three squares and the streets that link them. By expanding green infrastructure through these areas, the neighborhood can better manage stormwater and will create a green network that will connect it all the way to the harbor.

Click to see original at full size. From

The central square is Sankt Kjelds Square.

Click to see original at full size. From

Among others, one major intervention is that this flat site will be given some topography, enough that the surface area of the site will be more than doubled.

Click to see original at full size. From

The plans go through step-by-step diagrams like this one below, which I love, to explain further interventions.

Click to see original at full scale. From

Although I certainly have a beef with some of the doctrine and even the works of the Landscape Urbanists, this is one project that I wouldn’t want to argue against. Not only does it achieve environmental goals without disrupting the social fabric of the neighborhood, but it looks good while doing it.


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