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Jan Gehl is one of my favorite authors on urban design. His Cities for People is an in-depth analysis of how people use cities and how cities can be designed to better serve their residents. This interview he did for the ASLA is a great summary of his basic design idea. Gehl discusses modern architecture and planning and how it was designed at a massive scale, forgetting what pedestrians experienced on the ground. He talks about healthy cities and how, in a Western world where most of us spend all day sitting in front of a computer, cities should make it easy for people or even force them to have a little physical activity. He defines the human scale, based on the physiological features of homo sapiens, and how it relates to design. He talks about how cities messed up, and how some of them are trying to fix it. He talks about the “soft edge” of buildings, why the Campo in Siena is awesome, and lists some similar project, including Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland. A great interview.


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