polis: Mobile Placemaking and the Web-Enabled Food Vendor

Primo’s food truck. From thepolisblog.org.

When moving from a city with virtually no food trucks to a city with a strong food truck culture, it took me a long time to give the trucks a try. They have somewhat of a ramshackle appearance and one just seems to assume that if their food was good enough, they would have a permanent location. Also, I never carried cash. But one day I tried a halal cart near my house and got the best gyro I’ve ever had in my life, plus a water, for $5. I was converted. That’s why I took an interest in Ginette Wessel’s recent post on the link between food trucks and telecommunications. As food trucks have become more popular across the country, so have smartphone apps to track them. Twitter is used by trucks to announce where they will be located and to post information to one another about good spots or city regulations. Food truck festivals, including things like Night Market in Philadelphia, allow these businesses to showcase their wares. I wonder how this trend will change cities, and how long it will take to filter down to smaller towns?


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