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Softwalk. From

This post from Cassandra Daily shows some DIY urbanism ideas that I’ve discussed before, as well as some new ones. It discusses the City of San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program, which I discussed in an earlier post. It also covers designer Matteo Cibic’s Tree Trolleys, which are mobile green spaces, benches and wifi hotspots that can be placed temporarily in a paid parking spot. This was covered by Treehugger earlier this month, and is having somewhat of an internet echo around now. One thing that is entirely new to me, however, is the idea of Softwalks, pictured above. The idea is to take the ugly-sidewalk-interrupting scaffolding that goes up in cities whenever someone wants to so much as paint the exterior of their building, and placing seats, small tables, and other furniture on the scaffolding itself to make it more pedestrian friendly. Really cool idea.


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