Indy Green Growth Loop: An Urban Design Proposal to Revitalize Indy’s First Ring Suburbs | URBN DSGN

The Green Growth Loop. From

This post on Urbn Dsgn shares a bold new idea for Indianapolis’ first ring suburbs. These areas boomed in the early post-war years, but as manufacturing jobs dried up and development continued further afield, they fell into decline, and are in need of major investment. This plan proposes redesigning a decommissioned rail belt as a two-way light rail track and jogging path. This bears some superficial resemblance to the Atlanta Beltline, much of which was shot down in the recent defeat of the Transportation Improvement Act. If this effort is to succeed, it needs to be sure to do more than just install this infrastructure. Transportation and land use are strongly tied, and these communities need to allow mixed uses and higher densities than they may be used to to truly take advantage of this investment. Hopefully they can adjust, and in a few years, will be in a much better state.


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