The Most Intriguing New Global Architecture Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of – Design – The Atlantic Cities

The Serbian pavilion. From

This is a fun post by Henry Grabar about what sort of projects he is finding at the Venice Biennale. He says that the projects can largely be lumped into three categories:

  1. The Art Project (“A Plethora of Metaphors”)
  2. The Posterboard Info-Dump (If I Wanted to Read a Book, I Wouldn’t Have Come to Venice)
  3. The Hometown Boast (Common What?)

He then lists three bad projects, including the Serbian pavilion up there (an architectural thought dump about how blank walls and a table invite us to think of the possibilities), four honorable mentions, including the Canadian pavilion, which, with my affinity for wood, really appealed to me:

The Canadian pavilion. From

and three projects he thinks are exemplary, including Angola’s first ever appearance at the Biennale, where they demonstrate how sugarcane can be used to fill in vacant lots and turn them into air and water purifiers.


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