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Snap judgments in the city. From rethinkurban.com.

This post form Lorne Daniel discusses how sometimes we get too caught up in maps and sections and don’t think about how people actually use the city. While planning and design are based on a certain logic, we humans are not always logical creatures. “In an urban setting we make countless snap judgements every day: edging this way to avoid a strange looking person, hearing a laugh off to one side, catching a glimpse of a familiar logo, smelling a bakery and deciding on the next block that we’re hungry.” says Daniel. He gives some examples from Victoria, BC, where he points out that it is good that some places have mid-block crossings which allow people to walk the shortest distance to a place rather than going all the way to an intersection. But there are some problems when he gets to a pedestrian path on that block, above. The lack of maintenance, the darkness, the lack of stores, signs or windows—it can make a person feel unwelcome, or even unsafe. Designers need to keep in mind the experience of a city when they’re designing, and not just make pretty maps.


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