Which Urban Freeways Are Ready to Go? – Next American City

The Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle. From americancity.org.

Recently, the Congress for the New Urbanism updated it’s 2010 list of Freeways Without Futures with a new 2012 edition. Yesterday, Alex Vuocolo published this post explaining why the CNU’s list is important. Part of the reason these freeways can go is because they’ve reached the end of their design life and require massive reconstruction. He points out I-95 in Philadelphia, which cuts the city off from it’s waterfront. And although many designers want these roads to go away entirely, that isn’t likely. Part of that is just inertia, where people won’t worry too much about it until there is some sort of threat to public safety, such as the I-35 bridge collapse, before the necessary political consensus can be gained. Here’s the list of freeways without futures, check the link above for more details:

I-10/Claiborne Overpass, New Orleans
2. I-895/Sheridan Expressway, New York City (Bronx)
3. Route 34/Oak Street Connector, New Haven
4. Route 5/Skyway, Buffalo
5. I-395/Overtown Expressway, Miami
6. I-70, St. Louis
7. West Shoreway, Cleveland
8. I-490/Inner Loop, Rochester
9. I-81, Syracuse
10. Gardiner Expressway, Toronto
11. Aetna Viaduct, Hartford
12. Route 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle


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