Amazon’s New Delivery Lockers: It doesn’t Sound Like A Big Deal, But It Is : TreeHugger

The Amazon locker. From

Lloyd Alter has another great post at Treehugger, where he discusses some of the implications of the new Amazon delivery lockers. Amazon is partnering with grocery and convenience stores in big cities to have packages delivered to these locations rather than to front doors, for added security. This was actually a huge part of my third semester studio’s plan for a less car-centric Boston. By having these sort of delivery centers, like small post offices serving just a few blocks, maybe a couple hundred residents, instead of having door-to-door delivery, you could lessen the need for trucks in a city and, therefore, allow roads to be narrower and calmer.

Deliveries and other elements go into creating the ideal Boston square. See more at

We’re a long way from that right now; as Alter points out, these lockers are currently only for Amazon customers, and the USPS certainly doesn’t have enough money for that sort of an infrastructure overhaul. But if something like this continues to move forward, it could mean a very different future for commerce in our cities.


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2 Responses to Amazon’s New Delivery Lockers: It doesn’t Sound Like A Big Deal, But It Is : TreeHugger

  1. Karen says:

    Looks good, except the delivery storage spaces need to be closer to the parking spaces for hauling of big packages to your car. I would use one of these lockers when one is close to me.

  2. The amazon fee, is equal to going to the store and paying a higher price for the product that you wish to obtain. home direct amazon is continuing to expand and develop its operations to meet the customers satisfaction. It also is heavily relying on impulsive buying. I suppose we will see how this plays out with time.

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