Meet the City Hall worker who went “guerrilla tubing” in the City Hall fountain |

Sarah Blaskovich wrote this post about the intern who dared to go swimming in a big pool that isn’t meant for swimming. Patrick McDonnell is a city planning intern at the city of Dallas. Dallas City Hall has a 180-foot diameter pool in front of it that people aren’t supposed to be swimming in. In a city that gets as hot as Dallas does in summer, and in a plaza that is totally dead most of the time, it doesn’t make sense to not use this place as a pool. McDonnell was told that homeless people pee in it, and Blaskovich was told that it wasn’t designed for human contact and that, when it was used as a pool in 1984, “The damage exceeded the public benefit.” You know what? How hard is it to chlorinate a pool? How hard is it to maybe post some rules or signs saying “Don’t touch our big sculptures in the middle of our pool”? Dallas City Hall has a reputation as an undemocratic building, and not allowing people to enjoy a watering hole in the Texas summer doesn’t do anything to address that reputation.


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