Public Fountains Hacked into Colorful Pools in Guimarães, Portugal : TreeHugger

A new way to use old stuff. From

This post from Paula Alvarado is from last month, but meshes with some things I’ve been discussing recently. She mentions how fountains used to be sources of drinking and bathing water for cities, but with the advent of indoor plumbing, they have mostly become ornamental. Portuguese Like Architects and designer Ricardo Douradosought to change that in the city of Guimarães by turning fountains into pools, cafe seating, and other recreational spaces.

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None of these interventions are permanent, and they were able to be erected quickly with cheap, easily available components, which means it meshes with the idea of Lighter Quicker Cheaper. It also shows people taking over their underutilized fountains, something that Patrick McDonnell recentlydid at the Dallas City Hall Fountain. This happens a lot in Philadelphia, where kids are always playing in the large fountains at Love Park and Logan Circle and even the smaller ones throughout the city. The only kid-free fountains are the ones that are actually fenced off, like at Franklin Square.

Kids playing in the fountain at Logan Circle. From

Fountains aren’t just for looking at. They are great recreational opportunities for a city, and this project in Portugal did a great job of highlighting that for other cities.


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    A friend of mine told me about your post. Thanks for the love!

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