Pedestrians arise: you have nothing to lose but bad infrastructure | Resource for Urban Design Information

Pedestrians not being prioritized in London. From

In this post, John Dales wonders why there isn’t really a pedestrian lobby. There is, of course, a very vocal motorist’s lobby, and cyclists are becoming more and more vocal, to the point where a candidate’s cycle-friendliness was an issue in the latest London mayoral election. But pedestrians, maybe not always happily, seem to put up with unsafe, ugly, and otherwise poor travel conditions in their chosen mode. Dales speculates that there are three reasons why we do this. First, walking is such an ordinary activity (Dales compares it to breathing), that we don’t think it needs to be a special or pleasant experience. Second, we’ve dealt with poor conditions so long we don’t even know any better. And third, we can cheat at it—jaywalking, walking in the street when the sidewalk is obstructed, etc. We, as pedestrians, need to be more vocal about our opinions of our travel ways. We need to demand better streetscapes from our cities.


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