Is London Serious About Building a Network of Elevated Bike Lanes? – The Atlantic Cities

Here is another post from Henry Grabar, discussing the possibility of elevated bike highways in the city of London. There is a lot of abandoned or underutilized elevated rail in the city, and one designer, Sam Martin of Exterior Architecture, has proposed that these rail links be redesigned for long-distance bike travel. He has caught the ear of Mayor Boris Johnson, already known for his significant work on bike infrastructure in the city with Barclays Superhighways.

I’m not wild about the idea myself. Part of why I like using a bike is that you are a part of the street life, not enclosed in a capsule like you would be in a car, or in these bike tubes. I also wonder how good they would be for short trips, which is how bikes are most often used, or if they would be simply for the spandex shorts crowd. Grabar discusses in the article, and I agree, that the shared street is preferable to grade separation, regardless of mode.


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