The Next Big Question Facing Cities: Will Millennials Stay? – The Atlantic Cities

Millennials have come back to the city. Will they stay? From

This post from Rolf Pendall discusses what the future of cities will be as the Millennials continue to grow up. A generation ago when our parents came of age in the 70s and 80s, they fled cities to the suburbs. But, since our generation is putting off marriage and child bearing until later in life, Pendall argues that Millennials will put down roots in the city and may not want to leave when they reach these stages in life. Schools are also improving in cities and crime is going down, which make conditions better for families. As someone who hopes to have kids soon, I hope that this happens, but I am still concerned about urban schools. Cities like Philadelphia have some of the worst schools in the country, and as much as I want to stay in the city, I might prefer to move to a transit-accessible suburb if it means a better chance for my kids. Cities have done a good job of attracting single people to cities with active uses and affordable housing. Next, they need to improve schools and parks to keep them there as they have kids.


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