Sustainable Design: ‘Urban Mining’ In Tapei Turns Garbage Into Gold – International Design Times

We talk a lot today about urban agriculture, a form of resource extraction that has been fairly rare in cities. The other common form of resource extraction is mining, which hasn’t had the same level of success in urban areas. That could change with the “urban mining” discussed in this post from International Design Times. Architect Arthur Huang created a company that builds things—bricks, iPhone cases, wine carriers, and others—out of garbage. Huang’s company, Miniwiz, is based out of a facility he designed from bricks made of plastic bottles, which is designed to withstand the extreme conditions that plague Taiwan from time to time (to prove its durability, Huang and his team set to it with blow torches). This is a great way to recycle resources, to create new jobs, and to innovate new products.


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