Philadelphia Business Owner Faces Trouble After Cleaning Up Neighborhood |


When Holly and I are proud of Philadelphia, we look at each other and say in unison, “Phil-ee-DEL-phee-a!” which is the way the cute kids we used to teach at church would say it. When Philadelphia embarrasses us, we look at each other, sigh, and say, “Philly…” This is very much a “Philly…” moment.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, where Ori Feibush, Philadelphia business owner, wrote a series of letters to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority about the vacant lot adjacent to his business. The authority refused to clean up the weedy, trash-strewn lot, and eventually Feibush got tired of waiting for them and took maters into his own hands. He spent $30,000 of his own money to fix the lot up and turn it into a fairly nice little park space. Then Philadelphia, in its stereotypical pride in its own filth, turned around and are pressing charges against Feibush for cleaning up the lot. The story has been picked up by other venues since then, including this post from Flash Steinbelser.

If the city does press charges, then the court would have to convict, since he did Feibush did trespass. But he trespassed to make his neighborhood a better place when the City refused to. I hope more people in Philadelphia hear about this story and rally behind Feibush for doing the right thing.


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