Middle Eastern City Reduces Heat by 10 Degrees Through Passive Cooling : TreeHugger

This post from Sami Grover details some of the work that Masdar City has done to be a sustainable city. In a desert city, cooling is very important: in the video, Naser Marzooqi, a facilities manager at Masdar City, says that nearby Abu Dhabi spends a huge amount of money on cooling, while passive solar design in Masdar City lowers the temperature by ten degrees. What I think is interesting is that many of these techniques are just scaled up versions of traditional building practices in the Middle East; narrow streets create shade, and the orientation of the entire city to the sun maximizes shade. Even the 45 meter “wind tower” is a scaling up of traditional malqaf. There are great books our there, such as The Barefoot Architect, which can tell you how to use traditional techniques from across the world to passively heat or cool a design.


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