Pedestrian Penalty Cards Teach People How To Use The Sidewalk : TreeHugger


My mom used to carry around a pad of sticky notes, and if someone had done a bad parking job or something similar, she would write them a little note, encouraging them to do better. I’m sure all of us have wanted to do this same thing; there are a lot of activities where, even though there is no law regulating them, there is a sort of unspoken code, and when someone breaks the code, we feel a sense of indignation. There is a code of the sidewalk, and Lloyd Alter’s latest post details the latest tool in enforcing that code: pedestrian penalty cards.


The penalty system ranges in severity from 4.3 (wearing a surgeon’s mask) to 9.7 (escalator idiocy), and has fourteen distinct offenses. You can buy the whole set and print it out yourself for a buck. A lot of fun.


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