Quote of the Day: Ron Shiffman on Urban Planning : TreeHugger

From TreeHugger.com.

Lloyd Alter at TreeHugger, one of my favorites, mentions in his latest post a few quotes from Ron Shiffman, urban planner and designer at the Pratt Institute. Shiffman aruges, and I would agree, that we need to reframe the question on climate change. Yes, it’s about the environment and our human impact on it, but it’s also about our cities, our lifestyles, and our futures. From the article:

 I’d ask them: Do you want to pay less for energy? Do you want to live in a building with more light and fresher air? Do you want a cleaner city, one with less soot? Do you want to have to depend on a car to get around, especially as you get older, the way you do in places like New Rochelle? Set aside the issue of climate change. Think about what will make your living conditions better.

Climate change is important, but some people are simply never going to be convinced of the science. Why not convince them with the evidence of a better lifestyle?


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