“Farmscraper” masterplan concept created for Shenzhen, China : TreeHugger

Vincent Callebaut Architects’ “farmscraper” complex in Shenzhen. From Treehugger.com.

In this post, Kimberly Mok of Treehugger describes what may be one of the most fully-formed proposal for what has long been little more than an architecture school assignment: the vertical farm. Vincent Callebaut Architects for Shenzhen, China, would be a mixed-use project that would be oriented to take greatest advantage of sunlight and would get all of its power from integrated wind power and photovoltaics.

I’ve long wondered where the demand for a vertical farm actually is, and I think that is why right now it is mostly the purview of architects and not farmers or developers. I think right now in most cities there is just enough demand for community gardens, not a large-scale operation like this. I wonder if anyone other than a heavily Statist government like China would even be able to staff it. I could be wrong: maybe all we need is one good demonstration project, and then vertical farms will start going up the world over. But until that time, I think, like the arcologies of old, the vertical farm will not make it from the rendering to real life.


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