Eight Qualities of Pedestrian- and Transit-Oriented Design


Walkable Portland, ME. From urbanland.uli.org.

This post is a rather lengthy excerpt from Pedestrian- and Transit-Oriented Design, a new book from Reid Ewing and Keith Bartholomew, professors at the University of Utah. Although long for an article, it is a great summary of some particularly important characteristics of urban design. While quoting from design greats Kevin Lynch, Jane Jacobs, Allan Jacobs, Jan Gehl and Andres Duany, Ewing and Bartholomew focus on eight important topics:

  1. Imageability
  2. Enclosure
  3. Human Scale
  4. Transparency
  5. Complexity
  6. Coherence
  7. Legibility
  8. Linkage

With descriptive language and a few great supporting images, this is a good article to show to your parents when you’re trying to explain to them what an urban designer does.


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