Time-Scale Transit Map of Philadelphia


Time-Scale Subway Map of Boston. From stonebrowndesign.com.

A while back, I came across this time-scale map of Boston’s T transit system by Stonebrown Design. It is not only an elegant map, but also a useful tool. Rather than memorizing a series of departure and arrival times, you can check and see how long you expect to be on transit from a given station to the center. I think every transit system could benefit from a tool like this, so I tried to make one for Philadelphia’s SEPTA transit system.


Click to enlarge.

Not quite as elegant as Stonebrown’s (partially because SEPTA is not as purely radial as the T is), but has a similar level of information. I hope to do a later version that also includes SEPTA’s regional rail trains, but with all the loops they make, it will be even crazier.


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