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Exhibition Road in London

Exhibition Road in London. From

In this post, Romy Rawlings makes a great point about how we share our public space–namely, that we don’t like to. The solution to this for a long time has been separated travel modes–pedestrians on sidewalks, bikers on bike lanes or trails, and cars on the “main” part of the road, as well as parking lanes. Recently, however, transportation agencies, particularly in Europe, have been moving away from this model, and forcing different transportation modes to play nice on narrow, single-grade, often alternatively paved and sign- and safety equipment-free streets. A great example is the aptly named Exhibition Road. Rawlings covers some of the successes of the street, as well as some of its failures and challenges (for instance, a special interest group for the blind was opposed to the shared roadway). It’s a good, brief analysis of the effectiveness of these sort of projects.


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