Montreal: Lessons from great Canadian urbanism | PlaceMakers

Rue St. Paul. From

For a city I’ve never been to, Montreal has gotten quite a bit of love from me recently. Partially this is because, as Hazel Borys describes in this post from a little while back, it is an excellent city. Americans will visit Montreal and comment on its European feel, due to it’s strong bike and pedestrian culture, quality public space, and strong connection to its history and historic structures. This doesn’t happen by chance in Montreal though; nothing about being Canadian gives it a default tie to it’s European heritage, as sprawling cities like Calgary can attest to. Montreal, despite some hiccups such as the 1976 Olympics, has simply made good urbanism a part of what it does, ranging from platting streets from its early days to have terminated vistas to creating a bike share program and a system of bikeways. Montreal is a great example of North American urbanism, that I promise, one day, I will actually visit.


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